Seeking Project Manager for Extant Arts Festival

Extant Arts is a daylong survivor-centered and survivor-led arts festival that celebrates the complexity of survivor voices and histories. Extant Arts rejects typecast narratives and empowers individuals to define and express their own experiences. The festival rejoices in how people who have experienced sexual and domestic violence continue to exist, survive and thrive.

We are currently seeking a project manager to lead the Extant Arts festival. This person is responsible for planning and organizing the totality of the event, including reaching out to artists, finding a venue space, and managing grant money (the grants have already been awarded, you do not need to apply). You will be supported by current members of the Extant Team, but will be responsible for the completion of the project.

The position includes a $3,000 stipend to be paid in installments.

For consideration, please answer the following questions:

  1.       Please describe your event/festival planning experience.
  2.       Why are you excited to work on this project?
  3.       Do you have any experience working with survivors of sexual violence? How do you plan on making the space feel safe, welcoming, and inclusive?
  4.       What do you think the overall atmosphere of the festival should be? How will you achieve it?

Please email with the above answers PLUS 3 references by July 21 to apply.