Ballet After Dark

In 2020, Ballet After Dark and FORCE are teaming up to bring you amazing programming! Ballet After Dark is an organization that provides holistic dance therapy to trauma survivors and other disenfranchised individuals looking to heal. No dance experience necessary to participate! Tyde-Courtney Edwards is the Founding Director of Ballet After Dark and the Development Director at FORCE.

Ballet After Dark created a free, trauma-informed, holistic dance therapy curriculums that allow youth and adult women (and those who identify as women) to refocus trauma into triumph using ballet fundamentals, athletic conditioning and empowering mantras. Healing following trauma is often a difficult, life-long journey that can have devastating lasting effects on survivors. This unique, free PTSD service aims to bridge the gap between trauma experienced and safe spaces for survivors and other disenfranchised individuals to heal. This work requires trust building within groups of people who work together. Quarterly workshops include visits from guest speakers, facilitators and mental health professionals.

Ballet After Dark, hosted by FORCE, will be facilitating the women’s virtual program in Baltimore City in August 2020. Through our international partnership with La Casa Mandarina AC, Ballet After Dark will also be facilitating the women’s virtual program in Mexico City in August 2020. Stay tuned!

Be sure to watch the short film, Ballet After Dark, streaming exclusively on HULU.