Quilt of survivors’ stories shatters the silence on campus sexual violence

Student survivors and activists have worked tirelessly to place campus sexual assault on the national agenda. Colleges and universities’ refusal to competently address campus rape culture has further normalized it, and John Hopkins University is no exception. Student activists are holding these institutions accountable for their failure to comply with federal law and prioritize students’ […]

Relational Trauma: Alone, Alone together, then not Alone

A former therapist of mine stated that relational trauma nearly universally results in feeling “Alone with a capital A”. This reflects my experiences as a psychologist who specializes in relational trauma and also a survivor of relational trauma personally. Ironically, if all survivors at some point feel Alone, then maybe feeling Alone could be part […]

Seeking Interns for Fall 2015!

Over the past 2 years, the Monument has been fortunate to work with several teams of talented and motivated interns who are helping to make this vision a reality. We have worked with students from Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland College Park, University of Maryland Baltimore County and Maryland Institute College of Art. We […]