Founded in 2010 by and for survivors, FORCE is an art and activist collective dedicated to end sexual violence and build a culture of consent, widely known for creating public art to disrupt rape culture. FORCE is an intersectional, LGBTQ focused, multicultural, pro-black and anti-white supremacist collective, who did our deepest organizing work in Baltimore and Mexico City, and planted seeds globally. We strove for our visual imagery, language, resources, and organizing strategies to have a local and global impact in our efforts to end sexual and intimate partner violence by changing social attitudes and connecting these shifts to policy change. In 2021, for the health of FORCE’s Collective and to best serve the community, FORCE ceased active programming. Today, FORCE’s efforts are totally focused on the archiving of the Monument Quilt our collection of 3000 quilted stories sewn into 750 8’x8′ blocks from survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence from around the world. FORCE seeks to find a home for every single piece of the Monument Quilt, spreading its expressive power. For more information and to become a part of this historic project, please contact us at!

Archiving the Monument Quilt

Following our 50th and final display of the Monument Quilt on the National Mall, FORCE is now archiving the quilt, placing each of the 750 blocks in permanent collections around the world, so that these urgent stories from survivors and our allies can continue to be heard and so that the history and legacy of our efforts can be preserved.