Founded in 2010 by and for survivors, FORCE is an art and activist collective dedicated to constructing a culture of consent. The collective is nationally known for producing large-scale public art and engaging survivors in community organizing. After completing the Monument Quilt in 2019, our largest project to date, FORCE is looking to the future by focusing our efforts on the development of direct unique services programs for PTSD and trauma survivors, advocacy, youth leadership and projects that feature young people’s voices. FORCE is an intersectional, LGBTQ focused, multicultural, pro-black and anti-white supremacist collective, who has done our deepest organizing work in Baltimore and Mexico City, and has planted seeds globally. We strive for our visual imagery, language, resources, and organizing strategies to have a local and global impact in our efforts to end sexual and intimate partner violence by changing social attitudes and connecting these shifts to policy change. FORCE is a collective, and is currently led by Shanti Flagg. FORCE believes in the possibility of ending sexual violence by creating a culture of consent.

Baltimore Mutual Aid & Herbal Kits

Baltimore Mutual Aid & Herbal Kits In partnership with Amethyst Botanical Apothecary we have created a mutual aid project to protect and secure safety for those at high risk of coming into contact with COVID-19.

Archiving the Monument Quilt

Following our 50th and final display of the Monument Quilt on the National Mall, FORCE is now archiving the quilt, placing each of the 750 blocks in permanent collections around the world, so that these urgent stories from survivors and our allies can continue to be heard and so that the history and legacy of our efforts can be preserved.

Ballet After Dark

In 2020, Ballet After Dark and FORCE are teaming up to bring you amazing programming! Ballet After Dark is an organization that provides holistic dance therapy to trauma survivors and other disenfranchised individuals looking to heal. Stay tuned for updates about how you can get involved.