Monument Quilt Workshop Tools

Between 2013-2019, FORCE invited survivors and allies to host Monument Quilt workshops, to help make their communities more supportive and responsive for survivors of rape and abuse. Though we are no longer accepting quilts, we do invite you to use these resources to facilitate healing spaces in your community.

Monument Quilt workshops create space for survivors and allies to make quilt squares with technical and emotional support, and in community with one another. The Quilt provides churches, schools, towns and our country clear and accessible steps to support survivors of rape and abuse. FORCE’s workshop guide includes a step-by-step outline, downloadable resources and information on supporting survivors. The guidelines and instructions are open for your interpretation and can be tailored based on your needs and the needs of your community. For questions and support contact us at

After your workshop, make sure to do some self-care. Check out this guide to assessing what kind of self care you might need depending on how you are feeling.


Facilitators Guide

Evaluation Forms

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