To Be Heard

June 2016

To Be Heard, June 26th 2016, the Baltimore Museum of Art. Organized by Melani Douglass and Hannah Brancato.

To Be Heard was a performance and healing ritual, organized in collaboration with Melani Douglass, featured phrases and statements from the Monument Quilt. During the performance, banners stating, “I am not what’s broken,” written by Rebecca Nagle, and “Rape thrives in oppressive systems,” were held up on the

of the BMA. To Be Heard was performed by Gather Together members Melani Douglass, Jennifer Folayan, Racheal London, Sophie Hess, Ama Chandra, Aliya Webermann, Hannah Brancato and Saida Agostini, with Hamida Khatri.

Photography by Tara Sloane.