Make a quilt square for #MarissaAlexander trial and protest

Marissa Alexander is a survivor of domestic violence, mother of three, and a proud African American woman who is currently in prison for defending herself against her abusive husband. After serving a combined 3 years in prison, she faces a possible 5 more years at the time of her release on Jan 27. The #MonumentQuilt, an ongoing collection of stories from survivors of rape and abuse, will be on display at her trial on Jan 27 in protest of her prosecution in partnership with the #FreeMarissa Now Campaign.  Add your statement of support for #MarissaAlexander or your own story of surviving domestic violence or sexual assault to the growing Monument Quilt.  Collected quilt squares will be on display on Jan 27 in Jacksonville, FL, to let Jacksonville and the world know Marissa is NOT ALONE.

Learn how to make a quilt square here: You can mail your quilt square to Force by Jan 10 or bring it to the protest in person on Jan 27.

We know that Marissa’s experience isn’t unique.  Our country and our government continually fail to adequately support survivors of rape and abuse. Survivors of color are further oppressed by our racist legal system.  The Monument Quilt display at Marissa Alexander’s trial will continue to draw attention to the deep injustice she has experienced, first as a survivor of domestic violence and second as a victim the legal system.  To find out more about the Free Marissa Now Campaign visit