FORCE create art actions that generate a lot of media attention and get MILLIONS of people talking. Our most recent stunt, Playboy's Guide to a Consensual Good Time was covered by over 100 media outlets in one week!
Read some of what people are saying...

Huffpo Live: Interview with Rebecca Nagle about Playboy hack, Sept 2013
Huffington Post: A Review of Playboy's 2013 Top Ten Party School List, Sept 2013
Brobible: There is a Fake Feminist Brobible, Think its Cool, Sept 2013
BUZZFEED: Playboy Guide Turns out to be a Hoax, Sept 2013
New York Magazine: Anti-Rape Activists Give Playboy a Makeover, Sept 2013
Thing Progress: Meet the College Activists Behind the Fake Playboy Guide, Sept 2013
Huffington Post: Anti-Rape Activist Group FORCE was Behind the Fake Playboy Party School List, Sept 2013
Upworthy: This List Fooled Med Into Thinking Playboy Cared About Women, Sept 2012
The Electronic Frontier Foundation: Dear Playboy, Sept 2013
The Daily Mail,
Playboys Party School List Gets an Anti-rape Update, Sept 2013
The Atlantic Wire: Sorry No Playboy Did Not Write Anti-Rape College Guide, Sept 2013
The Daily Beast: How a Fake Playboy Site Fooled the Internet, Sept 2013
Feministing: Feminist Pranksters Create Fake Playboy Guide to a Consensual Good Time, Sept 2013
Bitch: Playboy Gets Pranked By Students, Sept 2013
Slate: Consent Guide is a Hoax, Playboy Should Publish It, Sept 2013
Jezebel: FORCE and College Students Take Credit for Playboy Hoax, Sept 2013
Salon: Playboy Promotes Consent, Phsyce!, Sept 2013
The Raw Story: Feminist's Brillant Playboy Hoax Promotes Consent, Sept 2013
Newsweek: A Giant Quilt for Rape Victims, June 2013
The Good Men Project: 100 Red Quilts, Public Space for Survivors to Heal, Sept 2012
Bitch: We need a National Monument to Survivors of Sexual Violence, May 2013
Everyday Feminism: Helping Survivors Heal, May 2013

NPR's MD Morning: Lets Talk About Sex. No, Lets Actually Talk About It, June 2013
Bitch: Feminists Install Temporary Memorial to Survivors, Feb 2013
The Huffington Post: I can’t Forget What Happened but No One Else Remembers, Feb 2013
Policy Mic: Sexual Violence Art Installation Aims to End Violence, Feb 2013
Bitch: Feminist Facebook Army: How Force Spoofed Victoria’s Secret, Jan 2013
The Huffington Post: Why Pink Loves Consent is Important, Dec, 2012
The Huffington Post: PINK loves CONSENT sparks Victoria's Secret Confusion, Garners Positive Reaction, Dec 2012
The New York Daily News: “Feminist group leaves consent-themed panties in Victoria’s Secret stores to protest ‘culture of rape’ and company themes it finds problematic,” Dec 2012
New York Magazine: “The Anti-Rape Panties of VIctoria's Secret,” Dec 2012
Bust Magazine: “Victoria's Secret gets a Kick Ass message make-over,” Dec 2012
Jezebel: “Victoria's Secret Does Not Have a New Line of Anti-Rape Underwear,” Dec 2012
Jezebel: “But What if Victoria's Secret Did Launch a Consent-themed Underwear,” Dec 2012
Jezebel: “Feminist Group Continues to Fuck with Victoria’s Secret by Sneaking ‘Consent Panties’ into Stores,” Dec, 2012
The Baltimore Sun: “Baltimore duo's fight against 'rape culture' takes on Congress, Victoria's Secret,” Dec 2012
Electronic Frontiers Foundation: “I See London I See France,” Dec 2012
The Daily Mail: “New Anti-rape Panties Thongs plants in Victoria’s Secret Shops,”, Dec 2012.
Black Book Magazine: “Victoria’s Secret Continue to Beef with Anti-Rape Group,” Dec 2012.
Muck Rack: “A Fake Press Release That Got More Attention than Real Press Releases Do,” Dec 2012.
The Pheonix: “Victoria’s Secret Tries to Force Out Consent Panties,” Dec 2012. “Thank You Thursday Pink Loves Consent,” Dec 2012.
Business Insider: “Is This What a VIctoria's Secret Sabotage Looks Like?,” Dec 2012.
GURL Magazine: “Did Victoria's Secret Make a Line of Anti-Rape Panties?,” Dec 2012.
Daily Beast: “Pink Loves Consent: An Anti-rape Victoria’s Secret Spoof Thats Gone Viral,” Dec 2012.
Styleite: “The Victoria’s Secret ‘Anti-Rape’ Line is Fake, Yes But Still Awesome,” Dec 2012.
The Gloss: “Activist hijack Victoria’s Secret’s Brand to Spread Awareness About Consent,” Dec 2012.
The Nation: “Ending Rape Illiteracy”, Oct, 2012. “Still Want to Fight a War on Women?,” Oct, 2012.
RH Reality Check: “The Rape Index,” Oct, 2012
Ms Magazine: “Activists Project Rape is Rape onto US Capitol Building,” Oct, 2012.
The Indypendent Reader: “Rape is Rape: An Action to Upset Rape Culture,” Oct, 2012.
Feminspire: “Richard Mourdock and Romney Ads, But Will It Matter?,” Oct, 2012.
BUST Magazine: “Yes, Consent is Sexy,” May, 2012.
What Weekly: “Why Are Two Feminists Fighting Rape in Their Underwear?,” Feb, 2012.
Radar Redux: “FORCE on The Culture of Rape at Current Gallery,” Oct, 2012.
Doreen Bolger on Charm City Current: “FORCE on the Culture of Rape,” Oct 2012.


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