Enter to win on October 7:

To encourage people to help bring on this consent cultural change, FORCE is hosting the CONSENT REVOLUTION AWARDS! Consent enthusiasts from across the country are invited to enter for a chance to win a shot at fame and free condoms. By simply posting photographs of inspiring and creative consent promoting actions college students can enter to win

What kind of action are we looking for?
Any kind of action! Your action could be a consent themed cheer at the Homecoming game’s half time! It could be a compelling poster campaign. It could be an instantly viral hash-tagged meme! It could be something you are planning to do, haven’t thought of yet, or have already done!

The GRAND Prize winners will get...
- Consent Super Stardom!
Your AMAZING action will be featured on Bitch Media, Think Progress and Huffpo! Plus FORCE will pump our PR machine into publicizing your campus activism, for whatever thats worth.
- Get a shipment of Goodies!
Each winner will also receive a prize pack that includes consent condoms, temporary tats, bumper stickers and stencils for marking up T-shirts, sidewalks and drawers!

1. Think of a brilliant, memorable, inspiring action to promote consent on your campus. For ideas and tips flip through the pages of CONSENT: The College Issue. There you will find a quiz to guide your campus needs, things to try and practical tools.

2. Post a photo of whatcha did! On Oct 7 between 9am and 9pm EST post a photo of your consent action on FORCE’s Facebook page at Be sure to include a brief description of the action, the name of your school, and the name of your group or campaign.

3. Get the Most likes! The consent campaign that gets the most likes on Oct 7 wins! (Hint: telling your friends to like and share your post helps.)

Now for some disclaimers:
The posted photos will be shared far and wide! Get consent from the folks in the photos to use their pics before you upload. FORCE can reject photos that don’t fit with the goal of creating a consent revolution. Such photos can include things that are sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise propagatory of oppression. Facebook is not affiliated with this contest and is officially off the hook for everything!


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